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Workers Compensation Fraud – Construction Company Fails to Procure Insurance

In May of 2007, a construction worker fell twenty-five feet off of scaffolding at a construction site and suffered a fractured vertebrae. Normally, such injuries result in the worker receiving workers compensation benefits for medical expenses, lost wages and any resulting disability.construction_workers_on_a_roof.jpg

Unfortunately, the man’s employer lied about having workers compensation insurance. Tragically, the injured worker has been unable to work since the accident and has incurred approximately $370,000.00 in medical bills. He is described now as being “destitute.”

In our Jacksonville lawfirm, we see this far too often, especially in the construction industry. While the employer is ultimately responsible for the worker’s damages, commonly the employing company and its owners have no assets upon which the injured employee can collect. For example, in Florida a person’s home is exempt from collection regardless of how much it is worth.

If you have been injured in a work related accident, please contact our Jacksonville workers compensation lawyers for a free consultation.

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