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Woman Sentenced to Ten Years for Fatal Auto Accident in Bradford County

In March of 2008, a head-on car wreck occurred on State Road 16 at County Roaad 233 in Bradford County, Florida. Bradford County, the county seat of which is Starke, is located about thirty minutes Southwest of Jacksonville. A 56 year old woman was killed in the crash.

The woman causing the car accident was charged with vehicular homocide and driving under the influence manslaughter. The jury convicted her of vehicular homicide but acquited her of the DUI charge. The woman causing the auto accident was sentenced to ten years in prison.

While the court system may provide long sentences for careless and drunken driving, it does nothing to replace the loss of a person’s life. Likewise, although Florida’s Wrongful Death Act provides compensation for the pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost support and services and lost savings for the family members of a person wrongfully killed in an auto accident, the devastated family members often find little solace in compensation.

We can all help. Report careless or drunk drivers by calling 911. Try to get the license plate number of the car, but, by all means steer clear of such a driver.

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