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Following Safety Rules and Wearing Helmets are a Must for Bicyclists

A local man is urging all bicyclists to wear helmets. His words, coming from his hospital bed after a serious bike accident injury, are a good reminder to all bicyclists. Following bicycle safety laws can make the difference between an enjoyable day and a trip to the hospital. The man suffered a fractured skull after falling off his bike onto a concrete bike path – an injury that likely could have been prevented with a helmet.

It is also important cyclists to wear helmets properly. It should fit comfortably and not too tightly, with straps fastened. When purchasing a helmet, make sure it is certified by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

Children are at risk as well. Each year in the United States, approximately 500,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries from bike accidents, according the American Academy of Pediatrics. Children are more likely than adults to die of head injuries in accidents where a bike is struck by a car.

Following the rules of the road, such as crossing only at crosswalks, riding on the right side of the road, and using the proper hand signals are important rules for cyclists of all ages to follow.

Here are a few cycling safety tips to remember:
• Always ride on the right side of the road with traffic.
• Wear a helmet. For kids 16 and under, it’s the law.
• Cross only at crosswalks.
• Know the proper hand signals and use them.
• Obey traffic signals and stop signs.
• Stop before riding out into traffic. Make sure there is no oncoming traffic before entering the road. Look left, right, and then left.
• Look back and yield to traffic before turning left at intersections.
• Walk your bike across busy intersections.
• Don’t wear headphones or headsets while cycling.

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