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Union County Corrections Officers Investigated About Allegations of an Inmate Being Beaten

The Florida Department of Corrections is investigating allegations that an inmate was beaten at the Union County Correctional Institution, located about one hour west of Jacksonville, Florida. According to the Department of Corrections, six corrections officers have been placed on leave and four nurses have been fired. The nurses were terminated for failing to report the inmate’s injuries to authorities. The inmate had multiple personal injuries and is being treated at a hospital. He claims he was abused over a two-day period in August.

As Jacksonville injury attorneys, we have handled cases involving abuse at correctional institutions and by police, including assaults, civil rights violations and failure to provide appropriate medical care. Cases involving abuse at correctional institutes or detention facilities are often brought as civil rights cases in Federal Court. Such cases can be very complex and involve complicated procedural and constitutional issues.

Because of the complexity of such cases it is important for such a claimant to hire an attorney experienced in this area of the law. If you would like a free consultation regarding a claim involving abuse, assault or negigence occurring in a jail or prison, please contact our Jacksonville personal injury law firm.

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