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St. Johns County Nursing Home Worker Charged with Abuse

Our firm is on the lookout for nursing home negligence throughout the Jacksonville area. Unfortunately, something much worse than negligence may have occurred recently in a nursing home located in St. Johns county: intentional abuse.

An elderly woman suffering from dementia was heard screaming. Another worker came into the room to find a certified nursing assistant (commonly referred to as a “C.N.A.”) holding a pillow over the elderly woman’s face. The nursing home employee was arrested. That employee had previously been the subject of an allegation of sexual misconduct at the nursing home.

The nursing home involved has received favorable ratings from the Florida AHCA Nursing Home Guide, which provides ratings that result from its inspection findings.

It takes a sad and depraved person to abuse an elderly helpless person. It is imperative that nursing homes effectively screen all employees to make sure that any warning signs are uncovered. Of course, there is no guarantee that such people have prior records of abuse or quesitonable behavior. If they do, however, the nursing home should be held responsible for allowing that person access to our most vulnerable citizens. Doing so will help make it less likley to occur in the future.

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