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St. Augustine Boy Attacked by Family Pit Bull

An 8-year-old boy was injured Saturday afternoon after the family dog attacked him in St. Augustine located in St. Johns County, Florida. The dog was a pit bull who, at first, bit the boy. The dog then attacked a second time and adults had great difficulty getting the dog to let go of him. The boy was rushed to the hospital with injuries from the dog bite.

It is such a shame that dog attacks make the news about once a month in the Jacksonville area alone. Pit bulls seem to make gentle loving pets; however, even the sweetest of pit bulls seem to have an agressive side that can surprise its owners. The harm is often permanent and sometimes fatal.

In Florida, dog owners are responsible for whatever personal injury is caused by a dog. This is true even if the dog has never previously shown signs of aggression.

Just two weeks ago, our firm was retained to recover for very serious injuries from a dog attack. Whether there is any insurance coverage for the attack is uncertain. Sometimes homeowner’s insurance covers for such attacks; however, more and more insurers are specifically excluding dog injuries from coverage.

If you have a claim for a dog bite injury or attack in the Jacksonville or Northeast Florida area, please call our Jacksonville injury attorneys for a free consultation.

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