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South Florida Jury Awards $2.5 Million in Chinese Drywall Case

Earlier on this blog, we reported about one of the first product liability cases to be tried regarding defective drywall from China. The case, brought in Miami, Florida, was tried against a supply company in the U.S. that bought the drywall and sold it to developers.

The plaintiffs purchased an expensive home in Miami and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating it. Ulitmately, due to noxious smells they moved out. Defective Chinese drywall has been linked to some health issues and can cause the corrosion of the piping and air conditioning systems in a house.

The plaintiffs demonstrated that the supply company was aware of the problem as it returned a large supply of the drywall prior to the plaintiffs purchasing their home. The jury awarded the plaintiffs nearly $2.5 million in damages.

This case will probably represent a landmark in the hundreds of drywall cases that are pending throughout Florida. Numerous cases are also pending in Jacksonville.

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