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Slip and Fall and Trips are a Main Cause of Death and Injury to Florida’s Elderly

The Florida Department of Health reports that slip and fall and trip accidents are a main cause of personal injury and death for elderly residents. In 2007, approximately 53,000 Florida residents over the age of 64 required medical treatment or a hospitalization following a fall while almost 1,700 Florida residents died as a result of a fall.

Because slip and fall accidents cause so many Florida personal injuries, it is important that property and business owners take the reasonable, simple steps to reduce these accidents. Handrails on steps and staircases are essential and often required by local building codes. Securing rugs and carpeting can also help prevent falls as can good lighting and no-slip treads on floor or laminate surfaces. Further, for the business owner it may be considered negligence to not have a system in place to check and correct or warn for trip hazards.

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