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Serious Accident on I-95 in Jacksonville Near A Construction Site

This afternoon, I was travelling back to the office from a client meeting in Callahan when I came across a very serious auto accident on I-95, just north of downtown Jacksonville. When I drove by, there was a full size pickup flipped upside down and the cab space was almost entirely crushed. Hopefully the occupants of the truck were not hurt; however, it did look pretty serious.

The vehicle accident occured at a location on I-95 where one lane was closed for construction. Traffic in that lane had to merge left into the two remaining lanes. Obviously, there is a lot of road construction going on in the Jacksonville area now and, as Jacksonville accident lawyers, we see many crashes that occur when high speed traffic is required to merge due to a lane being shut down for construction purposes.

Remember, just because you are paying attention to the lane merges and changes, do not assume others are. With cell phone usage and texting on the rise, drivers can easily be distracted. Given that a vehicle travelling 70 miles per hour travels over 100 feet per second, if a driver’s attention is distracted for even a very short period of time, the consequences can be catastrophic. Make certain that a driver that is going to need to merge does not stay even with your vehicle, either speed up or slow down, in case the other driver is not aware of the upcoming merge. Defensive driving in these situations is a must.

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