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Remember Safety During Labor Day Weekend

As Labor Day approaches, as many as 33 million Americans are expected to take road trips, according to the Consumer Federation of America. For many of us in Jacksonville, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and is the perfect long weekend for a get-away. Unfortunately, more people on the roads mean more car accidents in Jacksonville and throughout the country.

During the past few years, approximately 30 car accidents have occurred in Florida over Labor Day weekend. Not surprisingly, many of these car accidents involve alcohol. According to the National Highway Safety and Transportation Association, 38 percent of all car accident fatalities during Labor Day involved alcohol-impaired driving.

Tough laws do not seem to deter people from driving while drinking. Did you know that every year in Florida, police arrest more than 60,000 people for alcohol-impaired driving?

As Labor Day approaches, plan ahead and avoid getting into situations which could lead to car accidents. If needed, appoint a designated driver, make sure all passengers wear seatbelts, and drive defensively.

Here are some additional tips from the Department of Motor Vehicles:
• Plan ahead by making sure your vehicle is in good shape for a trip – check air pressure, brakes, gauges, and other basic functions.
• Sleep well the night before your trip and be sure to take breaks every few hours • Do not travel too closely behind large trucks or vehicles and follow even further during rain.
• Do not travel on the roadway shoulder.
• Use your hazard lights if your vehicle breaks down and either call police or wait for a routine patrol to come.

If you’ve been in an automobile collision, it is important to exchange information with the other driver and contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to get the names and phone numbers of anybody who witnessed the accident and if you can, take pictures of the damage to both cars. Capturing details will help make the accident recovery period go more smoothly for all involved.

Written by Elizabeth Allen
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