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Putnam County Girl Dies in ATV Accident

A seven year old girl was killed in an ATV accident that happened last night in Putnam County, Florida. Putnam County is approximately one hour south of Jacksonville.

The all terrain vehicle was being driven by a man who braked suddenly to avoid hitting two dogs. The sudden braking caused the ATV to overturn. The girl was wearing a helmet; however, she died from her injuries after being airlifted to Shands Medical in Center in Gainesville.

ATVs are commonly involved in accidents with very serious injuries. ATVs have a high center of gravity, a sharp turning radius, quick speeds, and sudden stops making them very susceptible to rolling over. Couple these factors with an uneven off road terrain and accidents are all too common. In an ATV rollover, the presence of a helmet may do little good if the ATV lands on a person.

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