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Pit Bull Kills Child in Jacksonville Home

Sunday night, a family’s pet dog attacked and killed their three day old child in the Arlington area of Jacksonville, Florida. After the attack, the child was taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center where he died. According to the family, the dog had never previously shown signs of aggression.

This sad and tragic event is all too common; however, fatal dog attacks are very rare. Children are often the victims of such attacks as they are often unaware that a dog is becoming agitated.

Our Jacksonville injury attorneys have handled a lot of dog bite cases. It is very common that a dog involved in such an incident never attacked anyone before. In Florida, the owners of any dog that bites someone is liable for the person’s injuries even if the dog did not have a history of agression.

Because of this, more and more homeowner’s insurers are excluding dog attacks or bites from coverage. Other insurers exclude certain breeds from coverage including pit bulls, rottweilers and german shepards. All people, especially parents, must remain vigilant when allowing dogs around children.

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