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Personal Injury Claims and Medical Liens

Our injury lawyers in Jacksonville see many clients for whom the financial burdens resulting from an injury can be as devastating as the physical pain and suffering. Whether caused by a car or truck accident, an on the job injury, or other negligence, the ability to recover past and future medical bills is a crucial component of any personal injury claim.

However, when all or some of the medical bills have been paid by a health insurer, a lien may arise which would entitle the insurer to a portion of the proceeds from settlement or trial. Importantly, the lien rights differ whether the payment was made by a private health insurer, insurance provided by an employer, Medicare or Medicaid.

When seeking a personal injury lawyer in the Jacksonville area, it is important that the client confirm that the lawyer has the knowledge and experience to address and resolve these complicating factors so that the client’s personal injury recovery can be maximized.

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