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Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Motorcyclists Account for Greater Than 38% of All Traffic Deaths in Florida

Our blog entries below reflect a significant number of traffic deaths occuring to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcylists in the Jacksonville area. Jacksonville is no different than the rest of Florida in this regard. In 2008, 16.8% of all traffic accident deaths in Florida were suffered by pedestrians, 4% were byclists and 17.8% were motorcyclists. This comes to over 38% of all Florida traffic fatalities!

With our warm climate in Florida, a lot of people run, walk and bike along our roadways. Unfortunately, when there is an accident between a vehicle and a person walking, bicycling or driving a motorcycle, the consequences are often fatal.

These accident statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, further demonstrate that safety equipment is not used often enough. For example, seventy-two percent of the bicyclists killed were not wearing helmets and thirty five percents of those dying in motorcycle accidents were not wearing helmets.

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury or wrongful death as a result of a accident between a vehicle and a motorcyle, bicycle or while a pedestrian, please feel free to contact a Jacksonville accident lawyer for a free consultation.

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