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Palatka Residents Killed in Trucking Accident Near Gainesville, Florida residents of Palatka, Florida, were killed in a tragic and preventable rear-end collision caused by a semi truck in Alachua County earlier this week.

The two people killed were riding as passengers in a minvan stopped at a red light. A semi truck travelling behind them failed to stop and collided with the rear end of the minvan.

The reason why the semi truck driver failed to stop has not been reported. Since the vehicle accident occured at 5 a.m., it was certainly dark outside when the collision happened.

In investigating a wrongful death caused by a trucking accident, there are many nuances involved. First, unlike most car accidents – those that do not involve death – statements made by the truck driver, after Miranda warnings are given, will be admissable.

Second, most trucks are outfitted with computers that record truck speed, braking and turns. Cell phone records of the driver can demonstrate whether he was distracted by texting or by otherwise using the phone.

Finally, the driver’s mandatory log must be reviewed to determine how many hours he or she drove prior to the collison. Federal regulations prohibit drivers from operating trucks excessively as truck drivers are susceptible to falling asleep or otherwise losing their concentration when they are fatigued.

Because of these nuances and others, when considering an attorney or law firm for injuries or wrongful death resulting from a semi truck accident, it is important to consult with lawyers experienced in trucking accident cases. Our lawyers in Jacksonville, FL, handle trucking accident cases throughout Northeast Florida, including Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Flagler, Putnam, Alachua, Union, Columbia, Nassau and Baker Counties.

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