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Orlando Jury Awards $10m in Wrongful Death Case Against the University of Central Florida for Football Player’s Death

We see it in the news several times a year – a football player dies during summertime practice. Here in Jacksonville, it happened in 2008 when a 12 year old boy died during his second day of Pee Wee League football practice.

Most of these incidents result from the effects of the combination of dehydration and exertion. Athletic programs can face wrongful death lawsuits for overexerting and not providing proper hydration for the players.

In 2008, a football player for the University of Central Florida died after collapsing during drills due to complications from sickle cell disease. Dehydration worsens the complications that can be caused by sickle cell disease.

The parents of the player brought a wrongful death lawsuit against UCF, alleging the school was negligent and that such negligence caused his death. The jury agreed and awarded each parent $5,000,000.00.

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