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One Person Dies and Two More are Injured in Jacksonville Apartment Fire

This afternoon, a fire broke out in an Arlington apartment complex in Jacksonville, Florida. The roof collapsed killing one person and causing personal injuries to two others. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue responded and called it a three-alarm fire. The cause of the fire has not yet been reported.

Fires can lead to personal injury and wrongful death cases if the fire was caused by the negligence of others. In an apartment complex, such negligence could result from improper wiring, lack of sprinkler systems, lack of fire extinguishers or propane gas leaks.

As Jacksonville injury lawyers, we have handled cases involving personal injuries resulting from fires. Burns can cause some of the most serious and life altering injuries possible.

It is important that people always make sure they have fire extinguishers on hand and that they have a plan of escape in case of fire. Persons living on a second or higher floor should have a second way of leaving the building in case a stairwell is engulfed in flames. We have seen burn cases resulting from liquid propane (LP) gas, faulty wiring, cooking, water heaters set too high, and space heaters.

If you have any questions about a fire related injury, please call our Jacksonville fire and burn injury attorneys.

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