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One Dead and Two Injured in Auto Accident Near Downtown Jacksonville

This morning, shortly before noon, the driver of a pickup truck lost control after the truck lost the tread on its right rear tire. After losing control, the truck struck a guard rail, collided with another vehicle and overturned. The driver was ejected from the truck and died at the scene.

Two passengers in the truck, including a three year old, sufferd personal injuries and were taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center. It is currently unknown if the adults in the truck were wearing seatbelts or if the child was in a safety seat. As Jacksonville car accident attorneys, we usually notice that occupants in a vehicle that rolls over are only ejected if they were not wearing a seatbelt.

Several years back we saw a flurry of car accidents related to tire tread separations involving Firestone tires and Ford Explorer vehicles. As a result, many product liability lawsuits were filed against Ford and Firestone. Tires can separate for a number of reasons, some of which are the responsibility of the tire manufacturer and others which are not. It is critical that the tire and its tread be preserved following such an accident if it is going to be determined what caused the tread to separate.

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