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Obtaining Medical Care for Personal Injuries When You Have No Insurance – Letters of Protection

As Jacksonville injury lawyers, we have many clients who are injured that have no health insurance. With the downturn in the economy many people have lost their jobs and the health insurance benefits that came with the job. Also, some employers have stopped offering health insurance as a way to save money.

A letter of protection can be an important tool for personal injury clients who lack health insurance or have used all of their personal injury protection (“PIP:) benefits following an auto accident. Many doctors and facilities in the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Fernandina areas will accept a “letter of protection.”

A letter of protection permits the patient to continue to receive treatment without having to pay for it until their personal injury case resolves. Typically, the health care provider receives a direct reimbursement from the settlement or jury award.

If you are having trouble obtaining medical care for injuries resulting from an accident, please call our Jacksonville law firm.

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