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Nassau County Car Accident with Tractor Trailer Causes Death and Serious Injuries

Over the weekend, the driver of a vehicle veered into the path of a tractor trailer causing a fierly head-on collision. The car accident happened on U.S. Highway 301 in Nassau County, near Bryceville, which is about ten minutes south of Callahan, Florida.

The driver of the car died at the scene. The driver of the truck was taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center with serious personal injuries.

This auto accident happened at 3:15 a.m. Whether alcohol was involved is unknown. In addition to the possibility that the driver of the car was drinking, he may have simply been drowsy given the time of the accident. Studies indicated that tired drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers
Drivers must take fatigue seriously. It is unfair to your family member, other people on the road and yourself not to.

Please contact our Nassau County injury lawyers if you have any questions about your rights regarding injuries or wrongful death from an aut accident.

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