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Motorcyclist Suffers Critical Injuries in Accident on Jacksonville’s Westside

A man operating a motorcycle was involved in a serious accident yesterday. The motorcycle was traveling south on Jammes Road. When nearing the intersection with Bartholf road a car pulled into the path of the motorcycle causing the driver to lay the motorcycle down into a slide.

The operator of the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet and was rushed to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center with serious personal injuries.

Motorcycle accidents are far too common. It seems that with more things distracting drivers these days, such as cell phones and texting, the small window for observing a motorcycle can be easily compromised with drastic results for the motorcycle operator and any passenger.

Simultaneously with these increased distractions, Florida has made it legal for motorcycle riders to go without wearing helmets. This makes for a dangerous combination.

As a side note, our firm handled a very similar car accident at this same intersection with the at-fault driver making the exact same mistake.

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