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Man killed in Auto Accident on I-95 Bridge in Jacksonville

A man was killed friday night after attempting to help a broken down car on the Fuller Warren Bridge in downtown Jacksonville. After determining that he could not get the vehicle operable, the man returned to his truck when he was struck by another vehicle crossing the bridge.

Because Jacksonville has so many bridges our Jacksonville car accident lawyers see such unfortunate auto accidents far too often. bridge.jpgCar accidents causing wrongful death and serious personal injuries have occured on the Buckman Bridge, the Fuller Warren Bridge, the Dames Point Bridge, numerous small bridges on Hekscher Drive, the Atlantic Bridge over the intracoastal waterway, the J. Turner Butler Bridge over the Intraocastal waterway, the Matthews Bridge, and the Hart Bridge.

Cars breaking down on these bridges can have a very limited ability to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. In addition, unlike a normal roadway, there is no wide shoulder for a broken down motorist to move far away from traffic.

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