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“Left-Turn” Car Accident Results in Death of Nassau County Woman

A woman died and her daughter suffered serious injuries in a car accident that happened yesterday in Nassau County, Florida. The auto accident happened when the woman attempted to turn left across oncoming traffic in order to enter the on-ramp to I-95 southbound. She was traveling east on Florida A1A when she made the turn and was struck by a logging truck traveling westbound.

The driver of the truck suffered minor personal injuries. He was taken to the Baptist Medical Center – Nassau hospital.

“Left-turn” accidents represent the second most common type of car accidents seen by our Jacksonville attorneys, after rear-end collisions. Left turn auto accidents are extremely serious as they are essentially head on collisions for the car going straight. Usually the driver of the car going straight has little or no time to avoid a collision.

The most common reason that left turn car accidents seem to occur is that the driver of the turning car thinks he or she has enough time to clear the intersection before the approaching car closes the distance.

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