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Left Turn Car Accidents Cause Some of the Worst Injuries

Last week, there was an accident in Nassau County, near Callahan, Florida, when a driver attempted to turn left on 301 and struck a car heading in the opposite direction. The car accident left one man dead and another seriously injured.

In our practice, left turn / failure to yeild collisions are the second most common auto accidents we handle. Only rear end collisions are more common.

Often left turns are not controlled by traffic lights which means the turning car must yield to oncoming traffic. The result of such accidents in often catastrophic with severe personal injuries or death as the inpact to the oncoming driver is essentially head on with extreme deceleration. As the car stops on impact, passengers are thrown forward causing head injuries, neck injuries, brain injury and broken bones.

If you have been injured in a left turn / failure to yeild car accident, call our Jacksonville car accident law firm. Consultations are always free.

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