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Jacksonville’s New Year’s Eve Accident Toll

New Years Eve continues to be a tragic event for Jacksonville’s roadways as three separate accidents claimed four lives. Jacksonville authorities have not confirmed whether alcohol was involved in these car accidents.

An accident on Atlantic Boulevard near Hodges Road in Jacksonville’s eastside killed two persons when the SUV they were in was struck by a station wagon that came across the median and struck them. The SUV flipped multiple times before coming to a rest. The driver of the station wagon suffered minor injuries.

On Beach Boulevard, a young woman driving near Kernan Boulevard left the roadway for unknown reasons and struck a utility pole causing her death. Two passengers in her car were taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center with critical injuries. A fourth person in this single car accident suffered injuries but is in stable condition.

In a third accident, a pedestrian on San Juan Avenue was struck and killed by a motorist. Police have indicated alcohol “may” have been a factor in this accident, but have not indicated whether it was the driver or the pedestrian that may have been drinking.

Regardless of whether drinking was involved, each of these accidents and fatalities were entirely preventable. Of course, given that this all happened on New Year’s Eve, there is a good chance alcohol was involved.

What more can we do to prevent drunk driving? The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has established road blocks and increased the number of officers working during holidays. In addition, over the last 25 years the penalties for driving under the influence have increased significanlty. Further, groups like AAA offer free towing for persons who find themselves unable to drive home.

Despite all of these efforts, drunk driving accidents during holidays continue to occur in Jacksonville. Our advice? Stay off the roads after dark on holiday evenings. If you must drive, do not consume a single drink and drive very defensively.

Please contact our Jacksonville car accident lawyers if you our a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

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