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Jacksonville’s Most Dangerous Intersections

The Jacksonville, Florida, Sheriff’s Office maintains statistics on the number of car crashes at the various roadway intersections in the city.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the ten intersections with the most auto accidents in 2009 were: Atlantic Boulevard and Kernan Boulevard; Argyle Forest Boulevard and Blanding Boulevard; Southside Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard; Monument Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard; University Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard; Blanding Boulevard and Youngerman Circle; Beach Boulevard and Hodges Boulevard; and Beach Boulevard and San Pablo Road.

Jacksonville’s Sheriff, John Rutherford, intends to install cameras to catch drivers running red lights at these intersections. Although Florida state law does not currently allow such cameras, there is legislation pending that would make the cameras legal.

As Jacksonville car accident attorneys, we applaud the Sheriff’s efforts in this regard. We routinely consult with car accident victims who have suffered serious personal injuries due to another driver running a red light. Every day in traffic we are amazed at how late some drivers continue through an intersection after their light has turned red.

If you have been injured due to an auto accident, please contact our Jacksonville injury lawyers for a free consultation.

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