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Jacksonville’s Most Accident Prone Intersections

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the intersection of Kernan Road and Atlantic Boulevard has the most car accidents each year of any intersection in Jacksonville. The second most common intersection for car wrecks is Beach Boulevard and University Boulevard.intersection.jpg

What do both intersections have in common? They both generate very long waits during rush hour, which may make some drivers impatient enough to run a red light.

At my Jacksonville Florida law firm, we have seen many accidents caused by impatient drivers, especialy those who run red lights. Almost all of us on the road routinely witness drivers turning long after their light has turned red.

To avoid an accident, it may pay to allow a second or two to elapse before entering an intersection after your light turns green. If you are approaching an intersection and your light turns green before you come to a stop, it may be best to slow your vehicle as you will otherwise be entering the intersection more quickly than a red-light running driver may have anticipated.

Remember, defensive driving is your best ally to avoid an accident. If you are injured as a result of an accident, consider contacting our Jacksonville Accident Attorneys.

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