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Jacksonville Woman Develops RSD after Dog Bite

A Jacksonville woman developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) after being attacked by a dog on her own property. The dog bit deeply in her arm, but the wound itself was not severe enough to require stitches. After being initially seen by doctors she was sent home.

Within days she developed a serious infection of the wound site. The infection was followed by the onset of severe burning pain, color changes, a cooler temperature in the arm, and abnormal hair growth on the arm. Unfortunately, all of these are classic symptoms of RSD.1060562_angry_dog.jpg

RSD, previously known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is a serious, usually permanent neurological condition that is usually caused by an injury to an extremity.

This situation highlights the very serious nature of dog attacks. Every year, we hear of people seriously injured or killed by pet dogs in Jacksonville. Children are the most frequent victims of dog attacks, accounting for 70% of dog attack injuries. In the United States, there are almost 600,000 dog bite wounds that require medical care each year.

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