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Jacksonville Parents Sue Apartment Complex For Son’s Death

A Jacksonville couple has sued a Jacksonville apartment complex owner for wrongful death after their son was shot on the premises. This death was the seventh in seven months at the apartment complex. The couple alleges that the owner of the apartment complex failed to appropriately respond to the violence, and, among other things, should have increased lighting, warned the residents and placed a gate at the entry.

This type of case is typically referred to as a premises liability case. Premises liability cases require that the injured person prove that the owner of the property was negligent for failing to protect people from known dangers.

Assaults and shootings present an unfortunately common danger at Jacksonville apartment complexes and businesses. It is incumbent upon the owners to respond appropriately in the event of violence. A common scenario is presented when a sexual assault ocurrs. While the owner of the complex may not want the bad publicity that can follow, it is extremely important to warn the other residents so that they can increase their vigilance.

Premises liability cases are not easy. A premises owner is not liable simply because an incident happened on the owner’s property. Often, the plaintiff’s attorney must do an extensive investigation to uncover the history of prior assaults at the location. It is important to hire an attorney that has the experience and resources to thoroughly prosecute such a case.

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