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Jacksonville Man’s Death Due to Medical Malpractice

A Jacksonville man died following plastic surgery and the surgeon has admitted liability for his death. Martin Gottlieb died of a heart attack after a liposuction procedure in 2004. Apparently, following the procedure, Mr. Gottlieb was supervised by an unlicensed surgical technician instead of a licensed nurse. Mr. Gottlieb began to have trouble breathing due to prescription drugs and fluid in his body. The delay in getting Mr. Gottlieb to the hospital caused his death, according to a reviewing anesthesiologist.274997_surgeon.jpg

Recently, Florida’s First District Court of Appeals denied the responsible physician’s request to have his body exhumed to determine if Mr. Gottlieb used recreational drugs. If so, the doctor’s attorneys would have argued the damages owed to Mr. Gottlieb’s estate should be reduced to reflect a shorter life expectancy due to drug use. The Appeals Court rejected this request as it appears that there was little, if any, support for the notion that Mr. Gottlieb used recreational drugs.

Unfortunately, medical malpractice does occur. Often the legal system provides the only way for families to recover the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering that results. If you wish to speak with a Jacksonville medical malpractice lawyer, please contact our Jacksonville law firm for a free consultation.

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