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Injuries to St. Augustine Tourists are All Too Common

As the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, is a great place to visit for locals and tourists alike. However, the combination of centuries-old streets, car traffic, horse-carriages and tourist trains creates congestion that makes personal injury accidents all too common.

In July, a 10-year-old girl was ejected from a Ripley’s Sightseeing Train that hydroplaned and hit a car during a downpour. Carriages are occasionally rammed by drivers who may not know the streets, are distracted or may be impaired. And early last month, a personal injury negligence case was settled from a 2002 vehicle accident in which a woman suffered serious neck and wrist injuries when a carriage that was changing lanes was struck in the side by a drunk driver.

Whether the victim is a Florida resident or visitor and whether the accident is caused by a car, carriage or tour vehicle, Florida’s personal injury laws permit the victim to recover money needed to pay medical bills, lost wages, and to compensate for pain and suffering. Therefore, its important that the advice of an experienced St. Augustine personal injury attorney is sought as soon as possible after an accident.

If you would like to speak with an attorney about an accident ocurring in St. Augustine or elsewhere in Northeast Florida please contact our St. Augustine injury attorneys for a free consultation.

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