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Hit and Run Car Accident at I-10 and I-95 Intersection in Jacksonville Claims Motorcyclist’s Life

The driver of a pickup truck struck and killed a motorcylcist this morning. The motorcyclist had just rear-ended another vehicle prior to be struck by the pickup truck. The series of auto accidents was caused by yet another car accident on I-95 northbound.

When the motorcyclist rear-ended the vehicle in front of him, he was thrown from his bike and was hit by the pickup driver. The pickup driver continued driving. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center.

Many times hit and run drivers are never caught. Other times a driver can cause an auto accident without striking another car, making leaving the scene all that much easier. For a person suffering personal injury in such a scenario, uninsured motorist coverage may provide his or her only means of replacing lost wages or paying medical bills.

Uninsured motorist coverage is one of the most important and cost-effective types of insurance to buy. As Jacksonville car accident attorneys, we notice that often the worst drivers, especially drunk drivers, are the ones with little or no insurance.

If you have any questions about an uninsured motorist claim or a car accident claim, please contact our Jacksonville car wreck lawyers for a free consultation.

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