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Hilliard Woman Dies in Nassau County Accident

A woman from Hilliard died Thursday in a single vehicle accident. She was driving on County Road 108 in Nassau County when she swerved to the right shoulder of the road. She was driving a Ford Explorer. After leaving the roadway she crossed over a culvert and the SUV overturned. It is unknown why she left the roadway. It had been raining. The driver was taken to Shands Jacksonville where she was pronounced dead.

The amount of rain we have been having in the Jacksonville area has made driving more 1050117_drops_of_rain.jpgdangerous. As Jacksonville personal injury lawyers, we see many auto accidents that resulted, in part, from rain. Heavy rain causes driving difficulties including: decreased visibility; increased braking distances; slick roads; hyrdoplaning; traffic jams; and flooded roadways. Drivers should take additional precuations when it is raining including making sure their windsheild wipers are in good shape, driving slower, and using headlights.

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