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Heavy Rains in Jacksonville Shut Down Roads and Causes Accidents

Duriing the last 24 hours many streets in Jacksonville have been shut down due to flooding from heavy rains. rain.jpg The Arlington Expressway and portions of Beach Boulevard were flooded with as much as three feet of water and had to be shut down, causing severe traffic jams and numerous car accidents.

This slow moving rain cell came from South Georgia, through Nassau County, Duval County and then St. Johns County. In some places rain was reported to be falling at the rate of 9 inches per hour.

Especially during the summer months and early fall in Jacksonville, we experience dramatic weather that makes driving all the more dangerous. As Jacksonville accident lawyers, we see many vehicle crashes with serious personal injuries that are caused in part to the weather. Heavy rain decreases visibility and greatly increases breaking distance. When possible it is best to avoid traveling during such weather conditoins, to drive carefully when driving cannot be avoided and to make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition.

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