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Getting More than You Ordered: Foreign Objects in Restaurant Food Can Result in Severe Injury

Every now and then you hear an alarming story about someone ingesting a foreign object in their restaurant meal. Common items include bones, food packaging materials, glass chips, and broken utensils.

Unfortunately, biting down on a foreign object, or swallowing one, can cause serious personal injury. Our Jacksonville injury attorneys have handled numerous cases where unsuspecting consumers were injured by a restaurant serving food items with a foreign object hidden within.

Injuries include broken teeth, broken dental work, esophageal injury, gastrointestinal bleeding, and digestive complications, to name a few. Sometimes, pursuant to Florida product liability law restaurants can be held strictly liable for injuries a person suffers from consuming a foreign object or for illness from contaminated food.

If this has happened to you, it is important to keep the foreign object and the remaining food product. Inform the store manager and seek medical attention immediately. If your injuries are visible, take a photograph to document the severity.

Written by Elizabeth Allen
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