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Gas Leak in Jacksonville Apartment Complex Causes Injuries

At a Southside Jacksonville apartment complex, fire and rescue personnel responded to numerous complaints of residents smelling gas. As a result of the natural gas leak, carbon monoxide levels were dangerously high in several apartments. Several people were treated and others were taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center and Baptist Medical Center for injuries.

This incident brings to mind several dangerous scenarios that we have run across as Jacksonville injury lawyers. First, gas leaks, especially propane gas, can cause catastrophic explosions and fires. The results from such an incident can include devastating personal injuries and wrongful death.

Such leaks can result from faulty regulators, leaks in piping, and accidents causing a rupture of piping. Since liquid propane gas is heavier than air, when it leaks it can “pool” in a home instead of dissipating. This pool of gas is highly flammable and can be ignited by many sources including heaters or electric motors that cause sparks.

The second type of incident called to mind is the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Since carbon monoxide itself is odorless, the accumulation can cause deadly consequences to unsuspecting victims. Various household appliances, that operate on gas, can cause carbon monoxide to build inside a home, if there is not proper ventilation.

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