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Gainesville Man’s Electrocution is a Far Too Common Occurrence

A Gainesville worker was killed yesterday after striking an underground electric line. The man was apparently using an augur to excavate for construction purposes. The accident happened on private property.

We see electric shock accidents far too often. The result of electrical accidents are often devastating including death and disfiguring burns. Recently, we handled the worker’s compensation claim of a man shocked while working on electrical transmission lines. He suffered serious injuries including the partial amputation of his hand and foot. As a result, he was rendered permanently and totally disabled.

Buried lines present a significant danger if their location is not properly marked. A worker suffering an injury because of improperly marked lines may have both a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury claim against the company that failed to properly mark the location of the line.

Hiring an attorney experienced in the complex interplay of workers compensation and personal injury claims is very important in these circumstances. If you, or a loved one, have been injured by underground electrical lines, please contact our Jacksonville attorneys handling electrocution, electric shock and burn injury cases.

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