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Florida’s Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine Assists Car Accident Victims

A recent personal injury lawsuit filed in Duval County, Florida, illustrates one of the important rights held by individuals injured in car accidents. While working roadside, a Jacksonville man was hit by a teenager driving a car she did not own. The teenager admitted she was looking at her cell phone at the time of the accident, and the worker suffered devastating injuries including the amputation of his right leg.

As a result, a lawsuit was filed against the teenage driver and the owner of the car even though the owner was not directly involved in the accident. That is because Florida’s dangerous instrumentality doctrine provides that car and truck owners are responsible for the people they let drive their vehicles.

This is a crucial legal safeguard. While all vehicle owners are required to have certain automobile insurance, some drivers, and especially teenagers, may not have insurance or assets to pay for injuries caused by their negligence. Because of this, our lawyers who handle car accident and truck accident cases throughout North Florida, including Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Orange Park, know how important it is to investigate the details of each accident to make sure all responsible parties are identified and held accountable.

If you have any questions about Florida law as it applies to your rights as an accident victim, please contact our Jacksonville, Florida, accident lawyers.

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