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Florida High School Football Player Dies during Summer Practice

A senior offensive lineman at Miramar High School in South Florida died after a conditioning drill at the school’s football field. He was two weeks away from celebrating his 17th birthday.

Unfortunately, this is a story we’ve heard before. Recently, we published information about a University of Central Florida (UCF) football player who died after collapsing during drills due to complications from sickle cell disease. His family was awarded $10 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against UCF. Closer to home, a 12-year old Jacksonville boy died during his second day of Pee Wee League football practice in 2008.

Among athletes, the most common causes of death include complications related to sickle cell trait, heatstroke or an undiagnosed cardiac problem, according to Florida Atlantic University’s School of Medicine. Dehydration and over exertion can exacerbate these conditions.

Most of these deaths could be prevented if the proper precautions, such as providing adequate hydration and prior medical screenings, are taken. Athletic associations or schools can be held liable for wrongful death if cardiac arrest or severe dehydration is foreseeable and reasonable precautions are not taken.

The Miramar High School student’s official cause of death will be determined when autopsy results are completed.

If you have questions about wrongful death lawsuits, please contact our Jacksonville attorneys handling wrongful death cases.

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