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Five Injured Taken to Hospital After Multiple Car Crash in South Jacksonville

Five people were taken to the hospital for injuries in a car accident yesterday morning at Southside Boulevard and Ivey Road in Jacksonville’s Southside.

A car stopped at the traffic light was rear ended by another car. Additional cars were struck and a fire erupted damaging three cars. The people taken to the hospital have been reported to have suffered nonlife-threatening injuries.

As Jacksonville accident lawyers, rearend collisions are the most common auto accident that we encounter. Often we find that the at-fault driver was distracted from observing traffic conditions ahead.

With the increase in texting while driving, the number of distractions has only increased. We suspect we will continue to see an increase in rear-end collisions until such time as texting while driving is outlawed and effectively enforced. Many states, including California, have outlawed texting while driving. Studies have shown that distracted drivers are as dangerous as drunk drivers.

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