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Fernandina Beach Pedestrian Dies in Logging Truck Accident

Unfortuanately, truck accidents involving pedestrians often prove fatal. Earlier this week, a pedestrian was struck by a logging truck and killed in Nassau County.

The pedestrian, a resident of Fernandina Beach, was on the side of Florida A1A near Sadler Road about 10:30 a.m. when he was struck by an empty logging truck.369139_truck.jpg

The police beleive the pedestrian walked into the path of the rig and was struck by the rear trailer. It is currently unknown why he stepped into the truck’s path.

Sometimes, pedestrians or drivers will fail to realize that a tractor-trailer is pulling an empty logging trailer. Unlike trailers that pull containers or that have a high sided box, an empty logging trailer is much harder to see.

As Jacksonville injury attorneys, we have also seen accidents where a tractor-trailer makes a right turn too tightly and the rear wheels of the trailer come onto the sidewalk. An unsuspecting pedestrian can easily be struck in such a scenario.

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