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Family of Woman Killed in High Speed Chase Serves Notice of Intent to Sue the City of Jacksonville

A young mother of two was killed on Jacksonville’s Southside when she was involved in a car accident caused by a man driving a stolen a car who was fleeing from police. The family of the young woman has served the City of Jacksonville with a notice that they intend to sue for negligence in intitiating and continuing the chase despite the unsafe manner in which the suspect was driving. The suspect was sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder, carjacking and aggravated fleeing.

In order to bring a negligence claim against any division of the State of Florida, a person must serve the government with a notice of the intent to file suit. Suit cannot be initiated prior to 180 days after serving such a notice.

The Florida Supreme Court held in 1992 that a state entity can be sued for personal injury or wrongful death caused by high speed pursuits. In that case, two women were killed when their vehicle was struck by the vehicle of a suspect travelling approximately 90 miles per hour while being chased by a caravan of police. The chase lasted more than 25 miles and included passage through more than 30 intersections. The suspect’s original offense? Running a red light.

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