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Daytona Motorcycle Icon Dies in Tragic Motorcycle Accident

Drivers on I-95 in Florida have long been familiar with the face of Bruce Rossmeyer. The world’s #1 Harley-Davidson dealer has been a fixture on billboards throughout North, Central and South Florida for years.

Unfortunately, his recent tragic death in a motorcycle accident in Wyoming is another grim reminder of the dangers motorcycle riders face. 856888_bobs_choppa_1.jpgStatistics show that motorcycle accidents account for a disproportionately high number of catastrophic injuries involving brain injury, fractures, paralysis, and wrongful death.

Our Jacksonville personal injury lawyers at The Lawrence Law Firm, P.A., have experience with the complex issues that may arise in a Florida motorcycle accident cases, including differing insurance requirements, vehicle laws unique to motorcyclists, and liability resulting from a driver’s failure to see a motorcyclist when turning, changing lanes or passing.

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