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Driver Arrested in Hit and Run Car Accident in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrested a man beleived to be responsible for a hit and run car crash that happened early Saturday morning. The car accident sent one man to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center with serious personal injuries including cracked ribs, broken bones, stitches and bruises.

The victim reported that following the accident, he got out of his vehicle, when he was struck by the fleeing driver. The arrested driver admitted to drinking earlier in the day. He was arrested for fleeing the scene; however, proof of his intoxication will be very difficult given the time that elapsed between the vehicle accident and his arrest.

Pulling to the side of a road following an auto accident and getting out of a car can present a very dangerous situation. Other drivers can be distracted by “rubber-necking” and cause an additional accident. Of course, a person standing outside of car is in a very vulnerable position for severe injuries if struck by a car. Our advice is to park your car as far off of the roadway as possible when exiting your vehicle following an auto accident.

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