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Deadly Car Accidents Drop to Lowest in 63 Years

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently reported that the number of fatalities on the country’s roads is continuing to decline and is now at the lowest number it has been since 1949. This marks the sixth consecutive year of decline in car fatalities since 2005.

Seat belt use, safer cars and safer roads were among the factors cited contributing to this positive trend, as were rising gas prices, the economy and high unemployment. The NHTSA also cited increased preventive measures, such as cameras to catch drivers speeding or running red lights, playing a role in lower fatalities on the road. Fewer impromptu trips are also part of the reason for the decrease in fatalities.

In Jacksonville, fatal car accidents are declining as well. The Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office reports that fatal automobile accidents in Jacksonville have dropped by 15.6 percent from 2010 to 2011. As a whole, car wrecks in Jacksonville have declined by 6.5 percent.

Still, there are far too many fatalities on our roads every year — about 32,000 people died in automobile accidents last year. Distracted driving — such as texting while driving — plays a big role in car wrecks. Many states, excluding Florida, have banned cell phone useage while driving. Many states, 38 to be exact, have banned texting while driving. Perhaps Florida will enact similar legisltaion to make our roads safer in the future.

Written by Elizabeth Allen.

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