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Last week, another fatal accident occurred on Interstate 95 in Jacksonville. According to a report by, a man driving a Honda north on Interstate 95 near Bowden Road, when he changed lanes without realizing that another car was occupying the lane. As the driver of the Honda entered the occupied lane, the other driver attempted to avoid the car, but ended up clipping the rear end of the Honda in the process. As a result, the Honda spun out of control, off the road, and into a tree. The driver of the Honda was killed and the passenger was taken to the hospital in critical condition. She is expected to survive. Fortunately, the driver of the second car did not suffer any injuries.


Driving Requires Full Attention

While this particular stretch of I-95 can be quite busy, the truth is accidents occur on all types of roads. From scenic rural roadways with their hills and curves, to the larger roads connecting the major cities across our beautiful state, accidents happen.

Safe driving requires 100 percent of our attention on any type of road. Most of us drive every day and we get used to the process, forgetting how important it is to stay focused. Many times, drivers do not pay as much attention as they should, engaging in activities like talking on the phone, texting, applying makeup or shaving.

All of these activities constitute what has become known as distracted driving. Distracted driving is responsible for a huge number of traffic accidents and deaths nationwide. In fact, cell phone use causes 28 percent of all car accidents each year, according to the National Safety Council. That amounts to 1.6 million automobile accidents annually that could be prevented if drivers would put their cell phones down while on the road.

In Florida specifically, lawmakers have begun to crack down on distracted driving by enacting laws such as the recent texting ban that went into effect October 1, 2013. The law-which considers texting while driving a secondary offense-is just one step toward the eventual goal of creating safer roadways.
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Last week in Jacksonville, a pickup truck was pulling out of a local business when it crossed in front of a motorcyclist. According to a report by, the motorcyclist was heading west on Beach Boulevard near Foster Drive, when the truck pulled out in front, giving the motorcyclist inadequate time to stop or get around the truck. The motorcyclist, who was wearing a helmet, sustained serious injuries, but is expected to survive.


Motorcycle Accidents Are Dangerous

Between the years 2001 and 2008, more than 34,000 motorcyclists lost their lives in a motorcycle accident. Of all the fatal accidents, most involved riders between 20 and 24 years of age, and in a close second, 25 to 29 years of age. Most injured in motorcycle accidents are male.

During that same period, more than 1.2 million motorcycle riders were injured. Of all the non-fatal injuries, most occurred to a rider’s foot or leg (about a third) followed by head injuries (22%).

How To Protect Yourself When Riding a Motorcycle

When riding a motorcycle, riders should take certain precautions to ensure that they do not end up as one of these sad statistics. Motorcyclists should keep the following tips in mind when riding:

· Always wear a helmet that is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation;
· Never ride your motorcycle after you have been drinking;
· If friends try to ride after they have been drinking, stand up to them and do not let them get on their motorcycle; you may be saving a life;
· Wear protective clothing that covers both the upper and lower portions of your body;
· Avoid tailgating;
· Do not speed; and · Make sure to keep a reasonable speed when conditions are not ideal, such as rain or when traveling on a surface that contains gravel.

Always remember, when riding a motorcycle, the limitations and dangers inherent in riding. For example, keep in mind that the braking distance may not be what you are used to when driving a car. Also, heavy winds may create additional hazards. The bottom line is that all motorcycle riders should take extreme precaution when riding to ensure they remain safe.

Some Accidents Cannot Be Prevented Despite Safe Riding

Not all accidents can be avoided, no matter how safe a motorcycle rider is riding. For example, if another driver is intoxicated or is driving negligently, a motorcyclist might not be able to do anything to avoid a collision (except wear a helmet).

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A man operating a motorcycle was involved in a serious accident yesterday. The motorcycle was traveling south on Jammes Road. When nearing the intersection with Bartholf road a car pulled into the path of the motorcycle causing the driver to lay the motorcycle down into a slide.

The operator of the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet and was rushed to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center with serious personal injuries.

Motorcycle accidents are far too common. It seems that with more things distracting drivers these days, such as cell phones and texting, the small window for observing a motorcycle can be easily compromised with drastic results for the motorcycle operator and any passenger.

Simultaneously with these increased distractions, Florida has made it legal for motorcycle riders to go without wearing helmets. This makes for a dangerous combination.

As a side note, our firm handled a very similar car accident at this same intersection with the at-fault driver making the exact same mistake.
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