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Car Hits Scooter on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville

A man operating a scooter was seriously injured this morning when he was struck from behind by a woman driving a car. The man was westbound on Beach Boulevard near Forest Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida, when he slowed down or stopped. The car then struck the scooter and dragged it some distance before stopping. The woman driving the car got out, checked on the victim, then left the scene. She later returned to the scene voluntarily.

The driver of the scooter was not wearing a helmet. Although he remained conscious, he suffered serious personal injuries and was taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center. It is currently unknown why the scooter slowed or came to a stop in the roadway or whether its lights were operational.

Numerous different types of vehicles share our roadways including cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and bicycles. Often there are accidents with scooters, mopeds, bicycles and motorcycles because they are much smaller and harder to see. Of course, with the great size and weight disparity, vehicle collisions with such smaller conveyances commonly result in serious personal injuries.

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