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Car Accidents with Pedestrians on the Rise in Jacksonville

Lately, several times each week, we hear about accidents where a pedestrian is seriously injured or killed after being struck by a car here in Jacksonville, Florida. This year has been especially high in Jacksonville for pedestrian fatalities. In fact, as of May 10, pedestrian fatalities were up by 100 percent in Jacksonville compared to last year, according to the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office.

Car accidents involving pedestrians usually result in very serious injuries if not death. So far this year, pedestrian deaths doubled from seven to fourteen. Unfortunately, Jacksonville is not an extremely pedestrian-friendly city. In fact, Jacksonville was ranked as the third-most dangerous city for pedestrians in the country after Orlando and Tampa, according to The Florida News Journal. The lack of infrastructure and convenient crosswalks were cited as the major contributing factors. Furthermore, Florida drivers are ranked as the most distracted while driving. Common distractions include talking on the phone, texting, shaving and putting on makeup.

If the driver is responsible for an accident with a pedestrian, his or her bodily insurance coverage will apply to compensate the injured person or his or her family for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

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