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Boat Crashes Into Jacksonville Bridge

With the warm weather, our local waterways have once again become crowded with boaters. Unfortunately, every spring and summer, we also see an increase in boating accidents. Sunday night a small motorboat crashed into the Cesery Boulevard Bridge in Jacksonville, totalling the boat. Surprisingly, no personal injuries were reported.

Witnesses say the driver of the boat was pulled from the water by people in a nearby fishing boat. The driver was then taken to shore and left the area. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating.

Given that the driver of the boat left the scene, it seems that alcohol may have played a factor in this boating accident. For some reason, some boaters think it is acceptable to operate a boat while intoxicated. The results of doing so can be tragic. Just last April, five people died in an accident in the Palm Valley area of Ponte Vedra. That accident involved an overloaded boat with numerous intoxicated passengers and an inexperienced driver operating the boat.

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