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Beware of Arbitration Agreements When Being Admitted to a Hospital or Nursing Home

As Jacksonville nursing home attorneys and medical malpractice attorneys, from time to time, we review cases on behalf of clients who signed an arbitration agreement prior to being admitted to a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility.

Such agreements purport to require that any claim, dispute or lawsuit for medical malpractice, or nursing home abuse or negligence, be submitted to an arbitrator instead of a jury. In our opinion, in the event that negligence is proven, arbitrators are likely to award less than juries. In addition, such agreements often limit the damages you can recover and prevent you from being reimbursed your lawsuit costs in the event that you are sucessful. Lawsuit costs for medical malpractice cases often exceed $50,000.00.

Although such agreements can sometimes be challenged and found to be unenforceable, often they are enforceable ,and, as set forth above, greatly limit your rights. Our recommendation is to never sign such an agreement.

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